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Welcome to the Media Directory Help Centre. If your questions are not answered below, please contact us. Throughout the mediadirectory.com.au website you will see highlighted text with an arrow next to it, if you hover your mouse over the arrow you will see a floating window with details of the feature. You will also see help icons next to input box's.
Media Directory Basics Ordering a Subscription
 How do I buy a subscription to Media Directory?  What payment methods do you accept?
 How much does it cost to subscribe?  Can I order with a purchase order?
 Help, I can't login  Can I order outside Australia?
 What media does your data cover?  Will I receive a tax invoice?
 How do I get my publication listed?  How long does it take to gain access?
Searching Basics Your Account
 Overview: Searching  How do I subscribe to Media Directory?
 Can I search against multiple fields?  How do I renew my subscription?
 Can I use previous searches again?  What is the 'user limit'?
 Is there a single listing of all publications?  How do I change my password?
 How can I find staff member's contact details?  Can I view previous subscription invoices?
  Your Lists
   What are lists?
   How do I add publications to a list?
   How do I remove publications from a list?
   How do I download a CSV file with the contact details of the publications on my lists?
   More help with lists.