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Simply Better: Accurate and concise media reference, powerful searches and filters, and the best value in Australia!
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Take Your Message To The Right Audience
Introducing MediaDirectory.com.au

Media Directory is the perfect tool for your marketing needsWhether you are launching a new product, conducting research, preparing an advertising campaign, announcing product recalls, lobbying the media or sending out press releases - we have the tools to help you get the job done faster and easier than ever before.

The Media Directory Difference

Mediadirectory.com.au has been developed by media professionals, for media professionals. We understand that our users want a fast, easy to use system for researching their media options and building their contacts.

Better yet, we understand that the media changes in the blink of an eye. Unlike a static book sitting on your shelf, we're a dynamic, constantly changing and expanding database of media choices.

“Concise & up to date contact details, marketing documentation, ad specifications & more on all Australian Magazines”

The Media Directory is just that, a directory. Every piece of information in our database can be accessed with the always present menu without having to type in a single search term. Just by clicking you can easily refine the records down to the one(s) you require.

With over 15,000 individual newspapers, radio & tv stations and programs, magazines, supplements & lift outs, newsletters, media agencies, politicians, political parties and government departments being constantly updated the Media Directory is the only contact resource you will ever need to pay for.

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