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Take Your Message To The Right Audience
The Media Directory Difference

Each record contains information ranging from contact details and key personnel to advertising rates and deadlines to call signs and transmission frequencies to page impressions and unique browsers to electorates and political biographies. Grouped and displayed in relevant pages you can quickly browse a general summary, delve into the high detail page or go straight to just the contacts and personnel pages.

With an ever increasing variety of ways for companies to target their markets can you really afford not to keep up? Media Directory is the perfect tool to allow you to have all the information at your fingertips that you need to make sure that you are keeping in touch with who you need to. Media Directory gives you much more than just basic contact details and key personnel names.

Get detailed program informationDon't just look up the name of a radio station, read up on the programs that it airs, the DJs that are playing on it and the type of people who listen to it. With just a click you can see a list of other media outlets (radio, tv, newspaper etc) also affiliated with/owned by this company or with another click find competing radio stations in the same area.

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