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Simply Better: Accurate and concise media reference, powerful searches and filters, and the best value in Australia!
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What can Media Directory do for you??
For Small Business

The Media Directory makes the perfect marketing tool for any small business. As an online resource it is constantly updated giving you access to the latest possible information. As an internet based service it can be used at home as well as the office or anywhere else you can browse the internet.

Get detailed program informationPerform preliminary marketing research to find suitable advertisers to promote your product or service. As well as detailed descriptions of all records, the Media Directory offers advertising rates, deadlines and downloadable media kits where available allowing you to find the media relevant to you.

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Create and maintain your own press release lists that are stored online, always up to date and ready for you to download to use. Media Directory offers contact information for politicians, political parties and government departments, at both state and federal level, as well as parliamentary press, foreign press and other media agencies.

Create and save your own contact lists for future use. Store as many lists of various key personnel or publications as required online that will automatically be updated with current details for you. Lists are available to all users of a subscription to download and modify.

Pre made contact lists make keeping in touch with the media as quick and easy as clicking a link. All lists are available to download in a customised CSV format for easy integration with mail merge and similar programs. Choose ready-to-download lists from:

  • Editors/Writers
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Executives

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