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What can Media Directory do for you??
For Libraries and Large Enterprise

The Australian Media Directory was designed from the ground up as a purely online resource and offers detailed descriptions, images, maps and many other features that are just not available from 'Book Based' directories. Although the MediaDirectory.com.au website is a relatively new electronic resource, we have managed to rapidly become one of the largest Australian media databases available anywhere. With over 15,000 individual entries displayed on over 5,500 indexed pages you would need a veritable encyclopaedia of books to access the same amount of information anywhere else.

Welcome to MediaDirectry.com.auThe Media Directory difference doesn't just end with being able to offer more information, it is also one of the easiest online resources to use. The website is W3 compliant for HTML 4.01 Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS Valid CSS! and along with the custom designed database makes it one of the most efficient and user friendly online resources.

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Users new to the internet will find all the help they need in the dozens and dozens of topics in our online help section, the Help Centre. The simple explanations, example screenshots and step by step instructions cover everything you need to know to effectively use the Media Directory website without any additional training. An internet connection and web browser are all you need.

The Media Directory offers several types of login for network subscriptions that can cater for unlimited users, remote user access, intranet access or campus/site level access as you may require. The licensing agreements vary according to the login method used but include per user based access and campus/site based access.

Looking after a Media Directory subscription couldn't be easier with our online Accounts section. Accessible at anytime via a separate administrator login, it allows you to:

  • update your contact details
  • review current and previous subscription details
  • print tax invoices
  • view current or previous usage history
  • set up periodically emailed usage reports
  • submit enquiries you might have directly to your Media Directory account manager

EBSCO Information ServicesThe Media Directory is proudly affiliated with EBSCO Information Services, a worldwide leader in information access and management solutions, to offer the best possible value to Academic, Medical, Government, Corporate and Public libraries.

For more information about trialing or subscribing to the Media Directory for your library please contact EBSCO.

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