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Payment Options

When you are ready to finalise payment on your purchase, a number of convenient & secure payment options are available: credit card payment, bank transfer payment, phone or fax details or a cheque or money order.

You can make offline payments by downloading and returning a Subscription Order Form

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Mediadirectory.com.au has a flexible pricing structure to suit your needs. With such a wide variety of data available we realise that not everyone will need everything, so we have divided that MediaDirectory up into individual media modules that you can choose to include or not in your subscription. The 5 media modules available to choose from are:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Websites
By selecting only the modules you need, you only pay for what you need.
# Modules 1 User 2 Users 3 Users 4 Users 5 Users Duration
1 module $475.00 $675.00 $825.00 $925.00 $975.00 12 Months
2 modules $545.00 $745.00 $895.00 $995.00 $1,045.00 12 Months
3 modules $595.00 $795.00 $945.00 $1,045.00 $1,095.00 12 Months
4 modules $625.00 $825.00 $975.00 $1,075.00 $1,125.00 12 Months
5 modules $635.00 $835.00 $985.00 $1,085.00 $1,135.00 12 Months

** Approved charity and non-profit organisations entitled to 20% discount off user license prices

If you are a bigger customer, we offer packages to suit network access. There are no passwords or usernames to keep track of with network access. Authentication is done at an IP Address level so that all staff using a computer on that network can access Mediadirectory.com.au, including any future additions to staff you may have.

Click here for more information about network access accounts

** Approved educational institutions receive 1/3 discount on network subscriptions
Credit Card - Instant Access

Pay by credit cardPurchasing online with your credit card is the simplest and most convenient way of shopping. Simply fill in your details and we bill the purchase to your account.

Media Directory accepts:
  • VISA
  • MasterCard

Media Directory takes security very seriously, we have a dedicated security team to maintain our servers, and ensure the security of your information. Mediadirectory.com.au uses an industry standard 128 Bit SSL certificate to encrypt your personal details.

By using Thawte, the highest standard in SSL encryption we ensure the security of your personal information & payment details. We recommend you use the excellent free open source web browser Mozilla Firefox to help ensure your safety on the internet. We also recommend you install and regulary run a virus scanner on your computer (unless your using a Mac or other Unix based system ;)) this will help protect you from the theft of personal information from your computer.

Offline Payment By Phone or Fax

If you are still not comfortable purchasing online, that's fine. Select the 'Fax/phone your Credit Card information' option on the Payment Information page during the checkout process. You will be emailed instructions on how to pay by phone or email once you confirm your order.

  • Fax - fax the faxable payment form, together with payment details, to +61 (03) 8612 3671
  • Phone - call +61 (03) 9018 5132 - you can talk to one of our team members, who will gladly take your credit card details over the phone for processing.

Note: your account will not be activated until we receive payment.

Cheque or Money Order

During the check out process, simply choose to pay by Cheque or Money Order, you will be emailed instructions on how to pay the invoice once you confirm the order. All cheques or money orders must be made payable to: Media Market

Media Market

1B/67-69 Gamon Street
Yarraville, Vic, 3013

Note: your account will not be activated until we receive payment.

Bank Transfer Payment

We will happily accept bank transfer payments from any Australian Bank. During the check out select the 'Bank Transfer Payment ' option on the Payment Information page during the checkout process. When you confirm your order, you will receive an email from mediadirectory.com.au confirming your order, this email includes our bank account details.

Note: your account will not be activated until we receive payment.

Media Directory Bank Details
Account Name: Media Market
Bank Name: St George
Account #: 067838086
BSB Number: 114-879

When transferring the money please make certain that you include in the comments of the transfer your business name, surname or order number so we can confirm your payment and activate your subscription as quickly as possible. Once you have made the payment, it can take 1 or 2 days to show up in our account. We will email you once your payment has cleared with instructions on how to access your new subscription.