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Politician Module

Welcome to the Media Directory Politician module. This module has many unique features to assist you in finding the information you really need. You can begin searching or browsing politicians, political parties and government departments by clicking one of the links on the left hand menu.

For more information on searching or browsing Politicians, click one of the topic headers below.

Politician Search Help Topics
 Searching Politicians  Browsing Politicians
 Government Department Search  Browse Political Parties
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Browsing Politicians Top

If you wish to find a politician of a particular government type, we've made it easy by organising them by Federal, State and Territories. To further assist your browsing, we have divided each government type by their Lower House and Upper House members. We recognise that lower house and upper house in some state parliaments are respectively called the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. However, as these terms represent the same concept, we have used the federal parliament names of lower house and upper house throughout.

These government types are available in the search options as a list to assist in refining your search.

Searching Politicians Top
Below you will find some explanations for the search fields available in the Politician search.
Name Searches:

to enable easy and refinable searches, we have divided our general name search into two search fields, 'First Name' and 'Surname'. This allows you to narrow or widen your searches as necessary, by using both, or one alone. This feature can be used in conjunction with any other field or list on the search screen.

Click on the politicians photo (if available) or name to be taken to the detailed record. Information includes contact details, electorate office details, a biography and political roles (if appropriate).

Govt. Department:this field allows you to find all members of parliament belonging to a particular department. For example, typing 'health' into the 'Govt Department' field will return a list of all Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries belonging to all departments containing the term 'health' in their name. You can refine the search further by using any of the other fields or lists. If you require information about the department itself, click on the 'Govt. Departments' link in the politicians record, or the same link in the left hand menu.
 Politician Search Fields
 the search fields and filters available for Politicians
Biography:this field searches information contained within the politicians biography (if it is available). As this information may contain a wide range of information about the politician, ranging from personal details to parliamentary and committee work, the possibilities for searching are almost endless. See the 'Search Tips' for information on multi-word searching.
Electorate:this field allows you to search for a politician by electorate. This is particularly useful if you know your electorate and want to find more information about the elected member. The 'Electorate' search will search all electorates contained in the database - returning lower and upper house members, federal and state government members. Most upper house electorates are the corresponding states name, although this is not true of all state governments.
Political Role:if you are interested in information about politicians holding a particular role within parliament use the 'political role' search. This includes not only ministerial and cabinet members, but also for example, the Speaker, political party leaders and whips. Simply type the whole or part title of the role you are after, and a list of politicians who whole a role matching your search will be displayed. This search may be refined further with any other search option.
Politician Type:this list allows you to search for politicians by which house of parliament they belong to - the lower or upper house (see note in 'Browsing' for explanation). Choosing either of these will return all politicians in the database belonging to that house - across all government types.
Govt Type:this is a list of all the government types, divided into Federal and State/Territory governments (named as individual states/territories). Selecting one of these will display all the politicians from that government - as with 'Browsing'. Use one or more of the other fields in conjunction with the 'Govt Type' to narrow your results.
Political Party:this list allows you to search for a politician by the political party they are a member of. Selecting a party from this list will display all politicians of that party across all government types. If you require information about the political party itself, click on the 'Political Party' link in the politicians record, or the same link in the left hand menu.
 Click here to search Politicians
Government Department Search Top
This search feature allows you to search specifically for information regarding a government department. Each of the fields and list can be used together to refine your results.
Name:if you know the name of the department, simply type the name or part name in this field. This will display a list of all government departments whose name matches your search.
Political Role:if you know the role (i.e. Minister for the Environment and Water) of the politician, and are looking for the corresponding department, use the 'Political Role' field. Type either the whole or part name (ie 'environment') to display all departments with matching political roles. Again, this will search across all government types.
 Politician Search Fields
 the search fields and filters available for Government Departments
Description:if you are not sure of the department your interests falls into, use the 'Description' field. Using the term 'environment' would bring you a list of all departments containing the term in its description, rather than just directly named departments.
Govt Type:this is the same as the government type contained in the 'Search Politicians' section.
 Click here to search Government Departments
Browse Political Parties Top

Politcal PartiesClicking on the 'Political Parties' link on the left hand menu displays all political parties contained in the Media Directory. By clicking on the party logo or name, you can access the detailed record, containing contact details, description and politicians who are members of the party.

 Click here to view all Politicians
Politician Search Results Top

All Politician search results in the Media Directory website can be displayed in simple or detailed format. Detailed format provides an image of the politician if available, government type, politician type, political party, electorate and a brief description where available. Simple format displays the politician name, politician type and political party.

Politician search results
sample of a detailed politician search result

More general information on Media Directory search results can be found here through our Help Centre