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Television Module

Welcome to the Media Directory Television module. This module has many unique features to assist you in finding the information you really need. You can begin searching television stations or browsing the categories by clicking one of the links on the left hand menu.

For more information on searching or browsing television stations, click one of the topic headers below.

Television Search Help Topics
 Searching Televisions  Browsing Televisions
 Searching Television Contacts  Television Directory Listing
 Television Search Results  Television Lists
 View Sample Television entry  View other sample entries
Browsing Televisions Top

If you wish to find Television stations of a certain type, we've made it easy by dividing them into 'categories' of Australian States and Territories. To browse Televisions within a state/territory, simply use the menu bar to the left where you will find a list of available category types. Click on any of the headings to explore available sub-categories and the directory of matching Television stations.

To narrow this search, please use the 'Distribution Area' field as explained below. (See under 'Searching Televisions')

Searching Televisions Top
Below you will find some explanations for the search fields available in the Television search.
Station Name:

if you know the name of the television station you require information about, simply type the name or a part of the name (see 'Search Tips' for further information) in the 'Station Name' field and press Search. Results will be displayed immediately - simply click on the television station name or logo image to view the full record.

From here you can view that television station's full entry to find information such as contact details, a general description, television and broadcast type, call signs, and program information.

Broadcaster Name:if you are unsure of the exact name of a television station but you know the broadcaster, use the 'Broadcaster Name' field. Enter either the whole or part name and press search. Search results will contain any stations that have broadcasters matching your search. Click the Television station's title or logo image to view the Television's entry, or click the broadcaster name to view the entry for the broadcaster.
 Television Search Fields
 the search fields and filters available for Televisions
Description:if you are looking for a television station or range of stations which contain something specific, you can choose to use the 'Description' field. Type in a search term such as 'news' for all television stations containing variations of the word 'news' in their general description to view a list of all matching stations. For information on how to make this feature more efficient, including using multiple search values and 'search characters', see 'Advanced Searching'.
Readership Desc:if you are looking for a particular audience, for example, youth, use the 'readership desc' field. The readership field contains information such as a television station's target audience and demographic information and will return a list of any stations that match your search. To further narrow your search, try one of the 'Advanced Searching' techniques.
Call Sign:if you know the call sign or part call sign, enter it in the 'Call sign' search field to view all matching television stations. This can be used with a name or part name search to help you refine your results. It may be used with any other search feature.
Television Type:this list allows you to target television stations by the categories 'commercial', 'community' or 'government'. Choosing one of these and searching will list all television stations falling into that particular 'TV Type'.
Broadcast Type:this list allows you to target television station by the categories 'free to air' and 'subscription TV'. Choosing one of these and searching will list all television stations falling into that particular 'Broadcast Type'.
 Click here to search Televisions
Television Contact Search Top

Television Contacts SearchThe contact search returns a list of contact information for key personnel associated specifically with Television stations. Type in the name or part name of a Television station or Television station's broadcaster to view contact information for staff members. If you know the first name, surname or email address of a specific person you can use that to search for contacts without knowing which Television station they work for.

To search for a list of personnel of a particular type, use the position search to return all matching editors or advertising managers for example. From here you can also create a list of names specific to your needs. (see 'Help - Lists')

 Click here to search Television contacts
Television Directory Listing Top

All TelevisionThe 'All Television' link in the left hand menu displays all available television stations broken down alphabetically. Simply select the first letter/character of the station title you are after in the drop down list to view a list of all corresponding television stations. The number in parentheses next to each letter indicates the number of stations that match.

 Click here to view all Televisions
Television Lists Top

Television contact listsThe 'Lists' feature enables you to create a list of publication specific to your needs (see 'Help - Lists'). However, to enable users to save time, mediadirectory.com.au have taken the most requested information and pre-made Lists for them.

To access these Lists, use the left hand menu 'Download Lists' link. The lists are divided into three main groupings, content and editors, sales and advertising and executives and managers. The lists are created by combining the most commonly used search terms of Media Directory users.

 Click here to download ready made Television contact lists
Television Search Results Top

All television content directories and search results in the Media Directory website can be displayed in simple or detailed format. Detailed format provides a logo image, television and broadcaster type, category (or broadcast area), broadcaster and a brief description where available. Simple format displays the television station name, broadcaster and the broadcast area.

Radio search results
sample of a detailed television search result

More general information on Media Directory search results can be found here through our Help Centre