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What's New at Media Directory??
01 Sep - Media Directory Political News Search
Political News Search MediaDirectory now offers a new Political News Search that quickly scans multiple websites to find articles relating to Australian politicians and political parties. Using the same search engine and ranking system as used by Google, the Political News Search is able to search across articles from the websites of some of Australia's most prominent newspapers including:
  • The Australian
  • The Age
  • The Australian Financial Review
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Herald Sun
and more to find stories relevant to you.

When viewing the record of a politician or political party you can now click a link to perform a Political News Search. This opens a new page where you can enter keywords to search for and simply check the newspapers that you wish to include in your search. The Political News Search will then search for articles matching your keywords relevant to the politician/political party you are viewing.

The search returns a snippet of text from each article and a link to view the full record as well.

Click here to view a sample of the Political News Search

01 Dec - Cacao Chocolates Offer
Cacao Fine Chocolates Subscribing to the MediaDirectory.com.au has now got even sweeter thanks to Cacao, the makers of exquisite hand made chocolates. When you subscribe to the MediaDirectory.com.au you will receive a complimentary 25 piece box of award wining Cacao chocolates couriered to your door.

Select your own individual 25 chocolates or be surprised with a random selection. There are 46 different hand made chocolates to choose from - be sure to allow plenty of time to decide!

Click here to find out more

01 Oct - Websites Module Launched

Media Directory Website Module LaunchedThe Media Directory is happy to announce that the Websites media module is now available to access. The websites module is an elective module which means if you do not have a need for it or will never use it, you don't have to pay for it.

Like the other elective modules, the Websites module has its own specific searches, directories and pre built lists of contact information ready for you to use. Included in the entries are the standard descriptions, contact information, advertising rates, segments and key personnel information. The module also includes demographics and information specific to websites such as: number of unique browsers, number of sessions and session length, page impressions, total hits and more.

Existing subscribers will be able to access the Websites module automatically for free for the remainder of their current subscription. When it is time to renew your subscription you can choose to continue or discontinue the website module as you wish.

To view a sample Media Directory website entry click here

For more information about gaining access to the Websites module click here

01 Jul - MediaDirectory.com.au partners with EBSCO Information Services

EBSCO Information ServicesThe Australian Media Directory is proud to announce its affiliation with EBSCO Information Services to provide the best possible service and value to corporate, government and public libraries.

EBSCO has long been one of the leading suppliers of information services and management solutions to libraries worldwide. With a regional presence in Australia spanning over 25 years and over 50 dedicated staff in their Melbourne and Sydney offices, the team at EBSCO will help ensure you get the possible value for your Media Directory subscription.

To contact EBSCO or to find out more about their services please click here.

01 Jun - MediaDirectory.com.au Website Updates

The Australian Media Directory is now officially compliant to w3 HTML 4.01 and CSS standards. This will help improve the quality of service provided to users of all major web browsers by the standardising of our HTML. If you are unsure about the affect these changes may have for your subscription please contact our Help Centre for more information.

A new online quote system is now available that displays exactly what your potential subscription will enable you to do and how much it will cost. Try the various combinations of elective media modules and maximum user limits until you find the one that suits you. Once you are satisified with the subscription you have chosen, simply click the "Order Now" button to place your order.
To try the new online quote system click here

The 'Accounts' section for subscribers has been updated offering an improved invoice section where you can review and print current or previous subscriptions.

Search Log information has also been improved with COUNTER compliant database reports available. The report logs total session and total search use by month for the current subscription. The current report can be viewed online in your account section and can also be emailed to you at set regular intervals.